Being simple

Definitely Simple is about helping people learn common concepts that are often misunderstood or knowledge about them is distributed randomly on all over the places. It provides articles and case studies for people to get insight into various topics like computer, economics, sociology, etc. It is neither a typical blogging website where author often expresses his biased opinion nor Wikipedia like website which is a plain collection of facts and information. Each article or case study on Definitely Simple is an effort to answer what, why, when, where and how for any concept or topic.

The most important goal of Definitely Simple is simplicity. Content is written considering simplicity in mind while making sure that it is complete in itself and not too general to be of any use while blindly following simplicity. Apart from that, author always presents the unbiased view of the topic without any kind of prejudice or assumption.

Harmony and balance

Harshal Patil

Harshal is user interface developer, trainer and speaker. He is also involved in other product development activities like interaction design, visual design and user experience. Other than computers, he is chasing his passion in economics.
You can read his personal blog mistyHarsh.

Harmony and balance

Sagar Mahajan

Once computer engineer by profession, now student of humanities and social sciences, Sagar is pursuing his career in sociology and political science. He likes to read and write about his field of study.